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With 45 years of experience, Valastro Architecte is based in Nice, graduated from: 

- Engineer in study and project monitoring (IGESP).
- IPF engineer in structural calculation (wood, steel, concrete).

- DPLG Architect.

- President of Professional Engineers of France, Provence Region;Mediterranean.

- Expert in construction techniques.
- Expert at the Marseille Court of Appeal.

- Investigating commissioner.

Accustomed to working with external stakeholders (technical design offices, control offices, companies, town halls, etc.), the team advises and supports its clients through all stages of the project.

 Valastro Architecte undertakes to provide all of its knowledge and resources in order to guarantee a project that will suit you.

The agency will adapt to your needs, desires, budget, schedule, etc.

Flexible in our projects:Renovation, Extension, Construction, Elevation, Advice, Friendly Expertise, Structural Study (Wood, Steel, Concrete).

So don't hesitate to contact us! 

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